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BooBoo's Emotions Stalk 🌱

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​Let's time travel back to BooBoo's childhood!

Scene 1 - The Pre-sequel of BooBoo Eta

Scene 1

BooBoo Eta's Background Story

Scene 1 .png

“Waaaa…” Who would expect this deafening noise was coming from 4-months-old baby BooBoo who is quiet and timid in his adolescence? It was just an ordinary morning, but the extraordinary baby stroller was stopped in front of the orphanage. By who and when, no one ever knows except the doer. The mysterious red emblem imprinted with a shiny gold logo seems to be attached to BooBoo’s chest since that day or even since he was born.

Scene 2 - The Lonely and Pitiful BooBoo

Scene 2
Scene 2.png

Growing up without parental love leaves BooBoo in the dark. Now, the awakening of his unusual instinct has sunk him in drabness. BooBoo has had the instinct of mind-reading since he started to know words at 1. At the age of 4, BooBoo fully understood the words he was hearing. It is unbearable for his innocent self to handle at all — the amount of criticism and harsh truth, the adult putting their stress and anger on kids secretly, people judging in their hearts, every words by them were creating wounds to BooBoo’s heart.

Scene 3- The Escaping

Scene 3
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Time flies, BooBoo is now 16 years old. For the past 16 years, it was undoubtedly he read mind everyday, good and bad. Puberty is always the period when adolescents get super sensitive to things. One day in the year, he couldn't stand the noises anymore, he ran outbursting in tears from the orphanage after he heard his guardians judging him secretly in his heart. Yet, there's a suspicious shadow looking towards BooBoo in the distance, who would it be?

Scene 4- A Mysterious Comforter 

Scene_4 2-1.png
Scene 4

An hour later, a mysterious old turtle showed up behind BooBoo who has been on the bench crying his heart out. He stepped forwards and tried comforting him with his soft and warm tone. His voice is strangely reassuring,  just like a magic spell, it finally calmed BooBoo down.

Scene 5- A Brand New BooBoo

Scene 5

After BooBoo stopped crying, the old turtle handed a mask to BooBoo, stating that it can stop whatever pain BooBoo is experiencing. For some reason, BooBoo couldn’t read his mind. He couldn’t read whether he was sincere, he is definitely someone unique. However, the desperate BooBoo decided to give it a try. When BooBoo put the mask on, it’s like a brand new world, the noises that could be heard from the minds of the kids that were playing in the garden at first are now all gone. A new BooBoo has been reborn!

Scene 6- Into The Unknown

Scene 6
Screenshot 2022-03-23 at 11.03.39 PM.png

While getting overwhelmed by happiness, BooBoo hopped home with the lightest steps ever. All of a sudden, everything around BooBoo started cracking and dispersed into the air, including the sky and the road behind him; it is just like doomsday. BooBoo began to notice the dazzling crack in the sky, what is going to happen to BooBoo?

Where will BooBoo teleport to?

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More informations will be announced on 99Days Twitter Page.
Stay Tuned!

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