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99 Days Tokenomics


Total Supply: 10,000


  • 1,500 Pre-Sales (Pre-sales cancelled; 32.55 tokens sold) 

  • As Pre-Sales was cancelled,  99Days' Community voted airdrop to all trustline on 99Days Twitter Page. 

  • 15% of the total supply will airdrops to all trsutline setup before 12 April 2022 at 3:50 ET,  no requirement needed.


  • 2,500 Public Sales (Cancelled) 

  • As Public Sales was cancelled, 25% of the total supply will be used for airdropping to tokens holders and NFT buyers.  


  • 3,000 Team Reserve (Team reserved tokens will be locked for one and half year from April 2022 to October 2023) 

  • 2,000 Airdrop To All Trustline (Q2 2022,  Requirement  Will Be Announced on   99 Days Twitter Page)

  • 1,000 Community Reward Fund (232.44 tokens given) 

Current Total Market Supply: 2958.115 tokens (99D)

*Updated on  13   April 2022*

Copy of 99 Days Introductory Documentation 9.52.47 PM.png

99 Days RoadMap

Copy of 99 Days Introductory Documentation.png

Gathering the XRPGang

Webpage and social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram get activated.

Dropping Comic NFT

(Dropping date and info will be announced  soon)

Rewarding Holders

3D NFT, XRP, and merch will  be given to NFT holders and top  three wallet which hold the most 99D tokens.

2023 - 


Our ever evolving project will continue to create value to our community. TBD.


 99D token

 Airdrop to all trustline in Q2 2022.


Give Back 

5 - 10% of profit will be used to  donate and  buy back 99D tokens.



At 100% sold, we will be developing a Virtual Game that will bring even more utility and exposure to our project for 99 Days token and NFT holders. 


Only BooBoo knows about this special milestone. Don't ask him yet, he won't confirm until ready.

We value transparency but, above all, being honest and straightforward. Success is equal to Results minus Expectations, so we rather surprise you with extras instead of promising you the world.

Stage 1: Gathering the XRP Gang  ✔️

Webpage and social media accounts such as Twitter and Instagram get activated, and the team will try our best to build a strong and stable community.

Stage 2:  Token Launching   ✔️

Private and public sales will be held on XRPL DEX Trade, Sologenic, and XRPToolkit. Airdropping to all trustline will likely occur in Q2 2022 after pre-sales and public sales. Trustline holders will need to submit a google form to receive the free airdrop to avoid bots from claiming and dumping the token. More information about airdropping to all trustline will be announced on 99 Days ' Twitter page. 

Stage 3: Dropping Comic NFT Every Month

The whole 99 days series will be released every month with 15 editions each. Fifteen editions for each series will be up for sale for 72 hours (3days); unsold NFT will be burned. The dropping date will be announced once everything is ready.

Stage 4: Giving Back to the Community

5% - 10% of the funds gained from selling NFT will be allocated for donating to the people in need. 10% of the profit will use to buy back 99D tokens to ensure steady and healthy growth in the project. 

Stage 5: Rewarding Token and NFT Holders

If 15 editions sold out within the 48 hours (2days) timeframe for the past 5 series, free NFT, XRP and merchandise will be given to token and NFT holders. 3D NFT of our characters will be airdropped to secret rare and ultra-rare NFT holders and the top three wallet of holding the most  99D tokens.

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