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99 Days Series #1 NFT Comic

Updated: Apr 13, 2022

The first 99 Days NFT Comic wIll be released on 15th April 2022 at 9am ET/9pm UTC+8/1pm UTC+0 (3 days selling period), only available on Sologenic.

Click Here to Buy 99Days NFT (Sales Start on 15th April 2022 at 9am ET) - Exclusively on Sologenic

5 x Editions Variants

- 5 Common

- 4 Uncommon

- 3 Rare

- 2 Ultra-Rare

- 1 Secret Rare

Drop Date: 15th April 2022 on 9am ET/9pm UTC+8/1pm UTC+0 (3 days selling period)

First Appearance (FA) of BooBoo and Anity on the XRPL. The First and ever 99Days' NFT Comic selling on the XRPL on 15 April 2022. 99Days Blind Box NFT Comic will be available on 15 April 2022 on 9am ET / 9pm UTC+8 / 1pm UTC+0 with 3 days selling period from 15th April to 17th April 2022; unsold NFT will be burned. Rarity will be revealed within 48 hours after selling period.

List Price: 150XRP

Editions Variants: 5

Total Editions: 15|20 Left

Characters Appeared : BooBoo & Anity

Visit 99Days Website for more details and informations.

Click Here for Read BooBoo's Background Story

Click Here for Previous 99Days NFT Comic

Click Here for Guideline on How to Buy Blind Box NFT

Click Here for User Guide to Purchase NFT on Sologenic

-5% of the sales from selling 99Days NFT will go to charity.

-10% of the sales will use to buyback 99D tokens.

-no additional charges (royalties) are charged for selling and buying 99Days NFT

-5 editions of each rarity will be held and reserved by the team for future giveaways and others events.

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