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A Brand New Start - PROJECT 99

Updated: May 7, 2022

Hello 99Days Fam, I hope you are all well!

Today we're going to discuss quite a bit about what's next for the rest of 2022 for you and us, and I'd instead warn you now: it's going to be a significant change!

After seeing the feedback from the Series #1 Comic NFT, we were obviously a little disappointed. We were really proud of the collection but really disappointed with its performance on Sologenic. As you probably know, it hasn't been very easy for the team lately, as the first round of blind box comic NFT sales not going well. We quickly realized it, removed the blind box mechanism, and listed the NFT comic for sales. However, there is still less interest among the public.

We rested, refocused, and thought a lot; we discussed with the team and the people around us a lot. On 28 April 2022, the team held a poll on 99Days Twitter Page on which way the community thinks we should rebrand. As the vote ended on 5 May 2022, 33% of you suggested we should become a profile picture project (PFP), 12% indicated remaining as a comic project, 30% suggested making PFP and comic project at the same time, and 25% told us to become a meme project. We really appreciate all feedback and ideas from the community member who cares about and supports our project.

We were on our side moving to the next chapter: Series #2 Comic NFT

But we quickly realized that the scenario was going to be repeated. It would have made it challenging to continue launching the comic, and their value would not have held up in the long run, even if we released a lot of stuff with them. So we have decided to put the release of Series #2 99Days Comic NFT. To say it more simply: we will temporarily suspend the comic idea and rebrand the project to a PFP Project.

So you're going to ask us, so guys, what's next?


Before explaining what "Project 99" is, we have to clarify that the development of Project 99 does involve 99Days Comic NFT.

99Days Comic NFT will continue on its way with updates and events. What we already had in the works, like a voting system, airdropping 99D, a new roadmap & other collaborations, we can't wait to share with you. The utility of Series #1 Comic NFT is still in progress. Our devs are working on it, but it might be used differently considering recent events.

So, big news: "Project 99" what is it?

We want to develop and propose a new 99Days universe with an even more impressive artistic direction as we like to do and more current on the PFP market while being totally innovative. Something new, with a new theme and an even more special than our original idea - Comic NFT. So it won't be exactly related to 99Days Comic NFT, but We will never forget this collection; we want more creative freedom.

We have thought a lot about it with the whole team, and here are the most essential points of the project:

• "Project 99" is an artistic PFP project that wants to propose a collection in the XRP universe. More fun, cuter, and more badass with LOTS of assets, the project's goal is to share with the Web3 space a new reference in terms of quality.

• We want a transparent community Vault. We want almost all of the funds to be managed with the community and for everyone to see what's going on.

• We won't share any Twitter links or important visuals until 80% of the project is fully completed or in the final stages of construction. This includes The collection, an IRL event, Collabs, the merch, etc... Basically, it's simple: the day you see that the project is announced, everything will be finished or finalized, and we'll have an apparent timeline.

Series #1 99Days Comic NFT & 99D Community

Of course, we want to make sure that 99D holders and Series #1 NFT buyers are rewarded. LET'S HOLD! There will be regular Snapshots as the project progresses. The longer you hold and keep 99D and 99Days Comic NFT in your wallet, the more chances you will have to be part of the "99 Project". Each Series #1 comic NFT holder will have access to the project, so here's what we're thinking of doing:

• Hold 10 99D Tokens = WL to mint 1 PFP

• Hold 100 99D Tokens = 1 free mint of 99Days PFP

• 1 Series #1 99Days Comic NFT = 1 free mint of PFP

• 1 Series #1 99Days Comic NFT + 10 99D Tokens = Free mint + access to a secret NFT (free claim)

*There is only a total of 999 PFP, and we promise all of them are equip with unique and cute Looks*

When Discord/Telegram?

A lot of you have been requesting for us to launch a telegram/discord server to enable our followers to communicate. Yes, both of them are coming alongside the roadmap in Q4 2022. Only followers who held more than 10 99D tokens or 99Days comic NFT can enter. Giveaways events such as free merch and airdropping exclusive NFT and XRP will occur in discord and telegram to reward holders.

Still a long way, 2022...

As the Current XLS-14d on Sologenic does not allow creators to receive royalties from secondary market transactions, the team decided to hold the project and launch it after the official launch of XLS-20, which will enable advanced NFT application and a smoother NFT experience. Therefore, we decided to postpone Project 99 after the official launch goes XLS-20, which will likely happen in Q4 2022.

New Roadmap is coming at the end of Q3 2022. Project 99 will bring immense excitement and a lot of exciting stuff and utility, such as vault system, governance, virtual games and lands, and even being able to customize your own PFP.

You'll have to be patient, that's right. We trust you on that. It's the only way to take the community and the project to the next level.

A new collection, new hype, new passion, more fun, less FUD, and always the same idea in mind: WAGMI!

Buy 99D now Buy 99Days Series #1 Comic NFT

Visit 99Days Twitter Page

We will keep you updated on 99Days Twitter Page!

Thank you so much for being there from the depths of our hearts, for us, for a long time!

#WGMI #BooBoo #99Days #PFP #NFT #XRPL #XRPCommunity

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