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Series 4 (Coming Soon)

Details and informations will be announced on 99Days Twitter page, stay tuned!

5 x Editions Variants

- 5 Common

- 4 Uncommon

- 3 Rare

- 2 Ultra-Rare

- 1 Secret Rare

Drop Date: (TBA)

List Price: 150XRP

Editions Variants: 5

Total Editions: 15|20 Left

Characters: (TBA)

Visit 99Days Website for more details and informations.

Click Here for Guideline on How to Buy Blind Box NFT

Click Here for User Guide to Purchase NFT on Sologenic

-5% of the sales from selling 99Days NFT will go to charity.

-10% of the sales will use to buyback 99D tokens.

-no additional fees (royalties) are charged for selling and buying 99Days NFT

-5 editions of each rarity will be held and reserved by the team for future giveaways and others events.

Series #4

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